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Legal Staffing

From in house counsel to government solutions, explore our legal staffing services.

Long-Term Government Staffing

We adhere to strict government standards, ensuring our staff meet your long-term needs.

Warehouse Staffing
Document Review

We assemble teams of legal professionals who meticulously analyze documents for relevant information.

In House Counsel

Strategically hire to manage your company's legal matters internally, ensuring compliance and protecting your interests.

Explore Our Legal Staffing Services

At On Call Counsel, you have access to a comprehensive range of legal recruiting services to meet your hiring needs.

Long-Term Government Staffing


In House

Corporate Legal Staffing Services

Government Emergency Staffing Services

In House

Unlock Your Staffing Potential

Are you looking to transform your team with top-tier talent? Reach out to On Call Counsel for unparalleled legal staffing services. Our dedicated experts are ready to provide tailored solutions and professional insights to ensure your success.

Staffing Services For Every Profession

Voted a top 1% staffing firm by our clients and employees, our other brands are led by specialists in their field.

Social Services, Nurses, APPs, and more.

Substitute Teachers, Assistants, and more.

Controllers, Staff Accountants, and more.

Developers, Data Scientists, and more.

Attorneys, Paralegals,
and more.
Marketing, Web Design,
and more.

Waiters, Bartenders, Cooks, Utility, and more.

School Nurses and Paraprofessionals.

Customer Service, Shift Supervisors, and more.

CXOs, Vice Presidents, and strategic hires.

Greeters, Registration, Monitors, and more.

Generalists, Coordinators, and more.