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Exploring Long-Term Government Staffing

Long-term government staffing involves the strategic placement of skilled professionals in roles crucial for government operations, focusing on areas like policy development, public administration, and essential services. At On Call Counsel, we address typical staffing challenges in government sectors, such as navigating bureaucracy, ensuring security clearance compliance, and maintaining workforce stability. As your committed staffing partner, we leverage specialized recruitment and robust support systems to manage the complexities of government staffing effectively.

Mastering Long-Term Government Staffing Challenges

At On Call Counsel, we confront common obstacles such as policy changes, skill mismatches, and employee retention with proactive strategies. Our approach includes comprehensive training and adherence to strict government standards, ensuring our staffing solutions meet your long-term needs.

Enabling Governmental Agility with Strategic Staffing Solutions

Workforce Flexibility and Scalability

Address fluctuating demand, enabling your business to scale its workforce up or down as needed.

Daily Staff Augmentation

Maintain a pool of pre-vetted candidates. Quickly fill positions, reduce downtime, and increase productivity.

Reducing Hiring Time

From sourcing to onboarding, reduce the burden on internal resources and focus on your core operations.

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of Long-Term Government Staffing Solutions

The On Call Counsel Difference

Long-term government staffing offers a robust strategy for maintaining a skilled workforce tailored to meet ongoing operational requirements. Unlike temporary staffing, which focuses on short-term needs and operates on an hourly billing model, long-term staffing focuses on building a stable, enduring workforce. This approach enables government agencies to plan strategically for future needs, adjusting workforce size and skill sets in line with long-term objectives.

Workforce Scalability

Adjust your staffing levels to meet evolving government needs without compromising efficiency or effectiveness.

Continuous Candidate Pool Refreshment

Always have access to pre-vetted, qualified candidates ready to step into roles as needed, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Our Comprehensive Process:

Rapid Needs Assessment

We start by quickly identifying your short-term staffing needs.

Efficient Candidate Matching

We utilize our network to find suitable candidates for your temporary roles.

Swift Evaluation and Placement

Candidates are evaluated and placed efficiently to meet your needs.


We facilitate a smooth onboarding process for temporary staff.


Our services include continuous support throughout the assignment.

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